16: Golden Leaves and Burned Books

Teemu Immonen & Gabriele Müller-Oberhaüser (eds.): Golden Leaves and Burned Books.Religious Reform and Conflict in the Long European Reformation.  Cultural History – Kulttuurihistoria 16. Finnish Society for Cultural History, 2020.

ISBN: 9789526877648

Ovh. 32,90 e

In religious reforms, books and other forms of written communication play a dominant role, both for individuals as well as for groups. Covering the period from the late Middle Ages to the early seventeenth century, the chapters of this volume reflect on the use of books in religious reform movements and their impact on lay people and monastic communities. For those committed to religious renewal, books are the necessary and often enthusiastically welcomed vehicles for the transmission of religious reform concepts. They are at the same time often the objects of severe opposition and negative reactions in attempts at hindering or reversing religious reform for others. The researchers make use of approaches from cultural history, book history and English studies, among others. Contributions range from theory and practices of religious reform with special regard to the interaction between the laity and religious orders in their search for models of ’good religious living’ to research on the changing processes of communication from manuscript to print and their impact on religious renewal.


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